Friday, April 26th


WATCH: An All New Episode Of Insights Featuring Rosie Flores, Dirty Streets, & Tyler Ramsey Airs Sunday @ 2PM Central

An All New Episode Of Insights Airs Wednesday @ 2PM Featuring: Rosie Flores: It’s telling that Rosie Flores’ e-mail handle begins “chickwpick…” In a long and eclectic career of singing, songwriting and performing, no phrase has ever described the San Antonio native better or more concisely. But now, with the release of her latest album, Flores takes square aim at a genre she has only sampled heretofore. Simple Case of the Bluesshowcases Flores in a new light, as a seasoned performer steeped in life’s uncompromising lessons. At once torchy, soulful, heartfelt and yearning, the songs on Simple ...More

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